Dear Valued Patient of the Synergy Medical Group,

We need your HELP!

The UCP Government has proposed major changes to primary care funding starting early in 2020. They have given us until December 20th, 2019 to respond.

What is different this time with the Doctors? Previously, as with all labour relations, contentious items such as remuneration were managed by negotiation. On this occasion this approach has been replaced by directives as to what the Government wants. Recently introduced legislation allows for the termination by the Government of existing agreements between them and the Alberta Medical Association.

We physicians are only too aware of current hardships being experienced by Albertans. Our request of Government is to return to the practice of intelligent discussion and negotiate jointly our way through improvements.

They intend to cut $262 million in fees to doctors annually, and $224 million of this is aimed directly at family doctors. That means they are expecting your family doctor to take 85% of the burden by cutting fees directed towards your family medicine care and preventative health. Moreover, it will disproportionately affect those family doctors that spend more time with their patients and who operate in a Patient Medical Home model.

Their proposals translate to a 20-30% reduction in income for family physicians.

Staff, medical supplies, insurance, other business operating costs come directly from the family physicians “income” that is never considered when the government talks about physician fees.

If these proposals go through, it will be impossible for family doctors to have a financially viable practice if they spend more than 15 minutes on each patient’s visit and that time includes the paperwork and other information gathering tasks attached to the visit that occur before and well after the visit, all of which take time.

The family doctors that are providing the most comprehensive care will be the most likely to stop practicing altogether.

The consequences will be felt hardest by our most complex and vulnerable patients but truly all patients will be affected. We have strong evidence that health care systems with strong primary care have the best health outcomes.

We love our career practicing family medicine. It is truly an honour to have patients trust us to help them and their beloved families. It is a privilege that we do not take for granted. It comes with responsibilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are sharing this with you today because we value your health and would like the ability to give it the time it needs and deserves. However, we also need to earn enough to pay overhead and keep this clinic open so you have somewhere to come to receive this care.

“The devastation these unilateral Alberta Health impositions will wreak cannot be overstated.” – Dr Kathryn Andrusky, President, AMA Section of Family Medicine.

We don’t want to be a 10-minute, one issue per visit doctor. If you don’t want this either, please consider contacting your MLA and/or the premier and expressing your concerns. There is a form letter available in the clinic if you wish to add your signature of support.


Your physicians

Minister and MLA Contact Information:

Honourable Tyler Shandro (UCP) Minister of Health

MLA for Calgary-Acadia

 Constituency Office
Suite #105, 10333 Southport Road SW
Calgary, AB
Canada T2W 3X6

Phone:403.640.1363 Fax:403.592.8171 Email:Calgary.Acadia@assembly.ab.ca

 Legislature Office
423 Legislature Building
10800 – 97 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB
Canada T5K 2B6

Phone:780.427.3665 Fax: 780.415.0961

Mr. Jordan Walker (UCP) – MLA for Sherwood Park

Constituency Office
Athabasca Professional Building
#105, 80 Chippewa Road Sherwood Park, Alberta. Canada T8A 4W6
phone: 780.417.4747 fax: 780.417.4748
email: Sherwood.Park@assembly.ab.ca
Legislature Office
6th Floor
9820 – 107 Street Edmonton, AB Canada T5K 1E7

Phone:780.638.3017 Fax: 780.638.3506


Honourable Nate Glubish (UCP) – MLA for Strathcona-Sherwood Park

Constituency Office
Athabasca Professional Building
#105, 80 Chippewa Road Sherwood Park, Alberta. Canada.
T8A 4W6
phone: 780.416.2492 fax: 780.417.4748
email: strathcona.Sherwoodpark@assembly.ab.ca
Legislature Office
103 Legislature Building
10800-97 Ave NW
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5K 2B6
phone: 780.422.6880 fax: 780.422.2496

If you live outside of Sherwood park/Strathcona, please find your provincial MLA at

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