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Pre-Natal Care

We offer pre-conception counseling prior to pregnancy to ensure optimal health. Once pregnancy is attained, we provide comprehensive care until 34 weeks gestation when we transfer care to an obstetrician. Following delivery, we immediately resume care of the new mom and baby to ensure a smooth transition.

IUD Insertions

As part of our contraceptive services we provide IUD insertions including Nova T, Flexi-T and Mirena.

Please go to the “FAQ” Section for further information.

Synergy Womens Wellness Centre  is a member of RAICE (Rapid Access IUD Centres of Excellence). RAICE is a network of clinics and health care providers across Canada who are experts in IUD insertion and care. 

RAICE clinics must meet the following criteria: 

(1) have an expert IUD insertion team; 
(2) accept patients making their own appointments without referral by their health care provider; 
(3) appointments for IUD discussion and insertion made quickly; 
(4) offer training in their communities to the public and/or to other health care providers; 
(5) are committed to continuously improving the care they provide; 
(6) must provide access to the copper IUD as emergency contraception.

Visit the website to find the nearest RAICE clinic near you

Incontinence Management

Including pelvic floor physiotherapy and pessary fittings in those patients who wish to avoid or postpone the need for surgery.

Breast Cancer Surveillance

Including organizing routine mammograms and ultrasounds, arranging biopsies when necessary and support of the patient as they go through breast cancer treatment. Following treatment, we follow the patient for routine health and screen for recurrences.

Breast Feeding Consultation

Our Nurse Practitioner and Certified Lactation Consultant provides all inclusive breast-feeding management, including full assessments of mother and baby and prescriptions. Effective September 01, 2015 this service will be provided on a patient-pay basis due to challenges with the existing funding model. NO REFERRAL IS REQUIRED.

  • Initial Consults                               $125.00
  • Follow-Ups                                    Covered by AHC (valid AHC number required)
  • Tongue tie clipping                        $50.00 when done with a Consultation or Follow-up
  • Tongue tie clipping w/o consult     $75.00
  • Antenatal (prenatal) consult          $50.00

Payment at the time of booking is required.​ Check out this link to Erica Kalke’s website:

Menopause Management

Includes the use of conventional hormone replacement therapy when appropriate. We also manage and investigate post-menopausal bleeding and perform endometrial biopsies when necessary.


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